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How to Hack Speedy Account

Jumat, 29 April 2011 | 0 komentar

H2H Speedy Account

Today i will tell you ( share you ) hwo to hack a speedy mdoem ( speedy = ISP, not adjective D: ).
Okay to the point, but remember do NOT use this technique to harass other users/do bad things 

Press the Read more button below to... obviously Read More lol.

Requirements :
- Tamper Data addon
- Internet Connection
- Functioning brains

Steps :
1. Search / Find the IP of the target/victim. In this step you can enter random IP with prefix : 125.165

2. Enter the modem configuration. Default username:password = admin:admin

3. If you've successfully entered, find and remember the used PVC, to save time later
4. Find WAN Configuration page
5. Select the victim's used PVC, If you're lazy, test from 0 to 7

6. Activate tamper data
7. Send POST Data of the modem configuration without changing any data
8. Tamper the data, and read the uname:passw :D
9. Done, victim's IP changed, and cannot be accessed unless you find the IP :D

Note : Please do NOT use this technique to harass other users/do bad things
Note : Originally made by me

Thank you for viewing :)

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